The world of Tot was prosperous once when the greatest minds the planes had ever seen managed to meld the principles of the arcane with those of a newer discipline based on knowledge and reason. This confluence of the unknown and the known led to cities that grew ever upward and the eradication of practically all ills. It was in the 4th year of our Consul Daanan, however, when all that sentient beings had fought to achieve would be eradicated off the face of Tot. In this year, during the first quarter turn around the sun, a portal emanating from the National University enveloped the capital city and from it poured forth creatures of unfathomable horrors. Lesser portals throughout the continent of Kafre and all the lands of Tot formed and similarly spewed out creatures whom could not suffer to see the light of civilization live. The lay people of this land held themselves up in their homes and prayed that what was left of the government would deliver them from this evil. A few days after the opening of the portals, however, ships carrying the elite and intellectual shot off toward the skies leaving behind all those not worth the trouble. This moment in history would later be called the Rapture.

Those who were left behind: Alternative to Interplanar

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