Those who were left behind: Alternative to Interplanar


After a long rest, our heroes regained their strength and took another crack at taking the level below from the uncivilized brutes that currently reside therein. This time, having managed to get past the stairwell, they ventured into the top floor of the building and discovered it to be pitch black. The ravages of time were apparent everywhere as Theodorus’ dancing lights and Eleanor’s torch revealed deep holes forming in the floor surface. Faced with a maze of cubicles and two offices in their immediate vicinity, our heroes chose to investigate the leftmost office which, as their luck would have it, contained a creature with the carapace and claws of a lobster and the beaked/tentacled face of a cephalopod. Upon seeing this creature which is called a Chuul, Gavanen immediately took a strong defensive stance while Elanor pounced on the Chuul with her daggers. Immediately the Chuul snatched the small halfling with his claws in an attempt to pull her tiny head into its gaping maw. She, with the booming blade of Gavanen, the magical prowess of Theodorus, and the crossbow bolts of Rhea, put forth a valiant effort against the beast. However, the strength of its pincers would soon overcome Eleanor and the constant spurting of blood from her abdomen lead to her losing consciousness. While the Chuul turned its attention to Theodorus, Scarlet used a healing word to bring Eleanor back from the brink. Midway through the battle two Dretch, demonic pig-men, attacked Rhea and Scarlet and filled the room with a gaseous poison. However our heroes managed to pull through with Rhea tearing blood vessels from its body and Scarlet terrifying the other into accidentally jumping to its doom. And with a bounding leap up the Chuul’s body, Eleanor climbed up its back and slit its throat with her blades.



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